"Acquarella" by Alizarin Goldflake at Split Screen

As promised, I went back the Split Screen tonight get some shots of “Acquarella” by Alizarin Goldflake.  It is currently open for viewing along with “Adagio” which I blogged last week. 

I visited Acquarella not that long ago in Inworldz.  I tried to take pictures to share here, however the Inworldz viewer does not agree with my aging laptop.  So I was quite happy when I heard that Alizarin Goldflake was bringing Acquarella into Second Life.

From what I remember of the build in Inworldz, it looked different there.  It was in four parts.  This one is in two parts.  However the Second Life build is just as fabulous and has some new elements.  I believe the path of hot coals is new, as well as the flaming lily pads.

Acquarella, After the Apocalypse tells the story of the Goddess Acquarella who attempts to bring the dead ocean back to life after life on earth has been destroyed by the human race.  But in her attempt she makes a huge mistake.  Be sure to grab the notecard when you arrive so you can read the full story.

While I was at Acquarella, I ran into another blogger Kara Trapdoor, who is lovely.  In my quick research on this build, I found that Kara has created a machinima of both Adagio and Acquarella at Split Screen.  You can view it here on her blog.  It’s fab! 


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