Meandervale, Fantasy Faire 2012

From the edge of Jungle Bungle at Fantasy Faire, you can see the bright, butterfly windmills of Meandervale.  Step a little closer and you can get a glimpse of the tall golden grass resting along a peaceful river that invites you in closer. 

Meandervale was created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee, who you may know of from The Looking Glass on Horizon Dream.  It’s a lovely region to stroll through and I’m sure you will enjoy it’s whimsical nature.

Between taking snapshots, keeping up with i.m’s and answering my darn phone, I have not had time to fully explore the shops that are situated on Meandervale, or on Jungle Bungle, which I blogged yesterday. The builds themselves are certainly worth the visit if you don’t feel like shopping, but I do hope to go back tonight and buy some things. My L’s are burning a hole in my pixel pocket.

This may be a good time to take my neglected alt out for a spin and do some undercover shopping. 

Stay tuned for more images from Fantasy Faire this week…

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