"When she gets restless, she gets KittyCats…"

I bit the bullet and went and purchased a KittyCats! starter pack.  I couldn’t help myself.  I read about them on Emerald’s blog and since I have been feeling so restless with nothing to do, what the hell?   I thought that after I released my Meeroos into the wilds of Second Life last year, that I was done with breedable pets, but…how can I resist these cute little faces? Er, the kitty faces, not mine.

The cool thing about these virtual pets is that they can exist online on the KittyCats! website, outside of Second Life.  That means they don’t have to take up your precious prims on your virtual home.  You can send them to your online Cattery where they can live and even breed, and then send them back into Second Life when you want to interact with them.  I sent mine to the Cattery last night, but have not yet tried to send them back inworld.  I’ll try it out tonight.  Wish me luck!

Pretty cool huh?

It’s the perfect anecdote for this restless soul.  Besides, aren’t cats like stress reducers or something?  And these ones might even be better because they don’t cough up disgusting fur balls.  Grosse.


2 thoughts on “"When she gets restless, she gets KittyCats…"

  1. Emerald Wynn

    I just released my Meeroos and packed up all 40 (WOOOOO!) of my KittyCatS. It was PAINFUL but I just can't pay for their food right now. But then yesterday I caved and bought some of the Steampunk RFL special edition KittyCatS. They're so hard to resist!

  2. Carrie Lexington

    I only have two KittyCatS so far, which I have been neglecting terribly. But I know from the Meeroos, how the food costs add up. I was wondering why my cats weren't giving me any kittens so I finally read the manual and discovered that they need more LOVIN'! I'm a bad, bad kitty owner. It's a good thing that I only have two!Oh, and…there are Steampunk RFL special edition KittyCatS?!!! Looks like my cattery will be growing…


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