A Year in the Life of Fuchsia Nightfire – A Photo Diary

I wanted to blog this exhibit last week but ever since I updated my viewer, textures have been rebaking often which makes taking pics kind of a challenge.  Something always seems to be blurry.  Maybe I’m a bit of perfectionist, but it drives me nuts when things aren’t fully rezzed or blurry.  So I put it off, but I don’t want to wait any longer.

I received a notecard from the Avatar Charitable Trust with details of a new photo exhibit by Fuchsia Nightfire.  I have blogged Fuchsia’s work before, so I was quite interested in seeing this latest work.
FYI, The Avatar Charitable Trust is a foundation in Second Life operated by Chuk Edman and Lillie Radek.  It’s goals are the following:
1.   Raise funds to be used to financially promote charitable endeavors for the arts, humanitarianism, education, and the general welfare of avatars in Second Life and people in real life.
2.   Promote goodwill, personal fulfillment, and enjoyment among those in the Second Life community.
3.   Promote non political, non sectarian, non discriminatory, and non violent causes for the good of us all.
4.   Improve the standard of our lives in the virtual world of Second Life.

Sounds good to me 🙂

Fuchsia’s latest project is a diary of sorts, documenting a year in the life of her avatar.  There are a lot of photos to see showing Fuchsia’s ever changing avatar. 

There are also some very interesting 2D photos which I really liked, and also some photos that are a little risque…

From the notecard:
“About the exhibition:
Fuschia changes her avatar in SL more often than she changes her clothes in RL. She usually has a pinkish theme and most things she wears would get her an instant ban from Bogarts as she rarely looks completely human. 

At the beginning of 2011 she decided to start a project, documenting the changing look of her avatar, which also became a diary of sorts showing some of the places she visited and many of her shows and exhibitions throughout the year.

Please enjoy looking at Fuschia’s exploits over the year and some of the photography she has made using her avatar, sometimes in guises you may not recognise as her.”


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