My SLife needs a new computer

I haven’t been taking as much pictures for blogging lately.  My Macbook has once again slowed down considerably which makes picture taking in SL kind of a painful process.  I’m still okay for general exploring and wandering around the grid, but when I turn up my graphics settings and hit ‘snapshot’, my screen goes black and crashes nine out of ten times.  I’ve taken to logging in with my alt for exploring places to blog so that my constant crashing and relogging doesn’t annoy everyone on my friends list.  

I keep trying to put off that inevitable time that we all reach in our SLives – the time to invest in a new computer.  My Macbook is a 2008 model and still an excellent machine for everything else, so I really don’t want to part with it.  If I do a get a new laptop, it probably will not be until later this year, unless some miracle happens and I win the lottery or something (crosses fingers).

So for now, I’m taking it in for a memory upgrade.  It’s really the only improvement I can make since you can’t exchange graphics cards on Mac computers.  Also, next week we’re getting a faster internet connection at home so that should make some kind of a difference in SL performance too. 

In the mean time, I’ll be browsing the Apple store on my lunch hours and drooling over all the new Macbooks that I can’t afford right now.  

Damn, Second Life is an expensive hobby isn’t it?

A view of my home in Piper Point

4 thoughts on “My SLife needs a new computer

  1. Mr. Crap Mariner

    I figure what I don't waste on a car and gas and insurance and all that crap, I end up dumping into my laptops every 2 years.Oh well. Now that I'm back to walking longer distances home, the behemoths in the laptop bag will just make the workout that much more effective.-ls/cm

  2. Carrie Lexington

    Speaking of cars and related expenses…Just last week we were talking about looking at getting new computers. My husbands Macbook is older than mine, so it's about time. Then our car broke down last week and has been in the shop. We picked it up yesterday and paid the bill…OUCH! There goes the money for new laptops!

  3. Lance Vartanian

    It’s still months before you can replace your laptop. I know it’s frustrating. For now, a memory upgrade is good to speed up your computer, but you can also consider defragging your Mac’s hard drive. It won’t just provide you with more space for your files, but it will also organize them and make unused spaces functional again.Lance Vartanian

  4. Benita Bolland

    Ohhh! Maybe it’s not yet the right time to buy a laptop, Carrie! However, you can have some options. Lance mentioned about defragging, and I guess that’s the best option you can do to aid your laptop. Anyhow, I’m also hoping for some sort of miracle. Let’s cross our fingers for that.


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