"Dreaming Machine" by Yooma Mayo

I first heard of Yooma Mayo when I visited the Art Screamer LEA sim to view Under the Sky which I blogged here. This time, a new installation entitled “Dreaming Machine” is being hosted on the LEA15 sim.

Yooma, apparently, likes large insects and other such creatures on a very large scale!

Once again, this is a huge build and you should fly up and cam around so you can get a full view of the enormity of the installation.

I quite liked the region windlight settings, so this time I didn’t even bother playing around with windlight.  It looks great as is.

I took a ton of pictures, but I only chose three to share because I think you should go see this for yourself.  So for now, you get just a little taste of what you will find on the sim.

Despite the fact that I have been logging into SL more than usual in these last couple of weeks, I haven’t been exploring or taking pictures.  And I haven’t blogged since last week, mostly due to being extremely busy at work and feeling exhausted at night.

Working on these images tonight reminds me of how much I love to explore and create images to share here with you all.  I have to remind myself that when I am feeling tired and stressed out about work, I can find an outlet and some relief in doing something creative in Second Life.  That is far more enjoyable than loafing on my sofa trying not to think about stress.
I feel a lot better having just visited Dreaming Machine and making these images, and I hope you might find some peace there too when you visit. 🙂

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