I’ve been having some photo editing fun

I can’t believe that after two years of editing my SL photos in PhotoShop Elements that I only just discovered the ‘liquify’ tool the other night!  I’m a total dud and way behind the times, but I mostly take landscape shots and I don’t think there is a need to use the liquify feature for scenery.  

But this feature totally rocks for shots of your avatar to fix some odd twists and corners on your shape and skin.  So I thought what better way to try it out then on a nude shot.  So I got NEKKID!  I took a lot of shots, but then I got shy and put my shorts back on…and then I was still shy so I changed to a hair that would cover up my pixel bosoms….and well, not exactly nude anymore.  But I still was able to use liquify to fix my hands and some other sharp edges.  It took some time to get familiar with it, but it’s pretty easy after that!

Another cool photo editing tool I have been playing around with is PicMonkey.  If you are familiar with Picnik, which shut down earlier this year, PicMonkey is a very similar online photo editing site, only better!  At the moment, it’s totally free and there is no registration required.  Just upload your shots and start playing around with the features.  It has some great tools for fixing your photos.  I was even able to erase some of the grass sticking through the bench in my picture.

Now, if I can just get over my ridiculous shyness of nudity so I can take some classy nude shots…it’s a freakin’ avatar FFS!


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