Back in Business

I finally brought my laptop in for servicing yesterday and got a memory upgrade to 8gb of RAM.  It’s double what I had before and is as far as I can go with this computer.  

Holy shit guys!  I can’t believe what a difference it has made in SL performance!  My FPS has shot up, I can take high res pictures again without crashing when I even just think about hitting ‘snapshot’, and I can use the Firestorm viewer again.  I am so happy about this!  She’s going on four years old and after three drink spills, this Macbook still has some life in her yet.
Photo taken at Dreaming Machine by Yooma Mayo, LEA15

I couldn’t wait to take her home yesterday and try ‘er out.  Depth of field works great, shadows look pretty good, and I can adjust windlight settings while my graphics are set to Ultra. Couldn’t do that before.  Of course, I like to push things to the max and set my sliders as far as they will go, so I’m not crash free for snapshots, but it’s still way better than before.  

I wasn’t able to use Depth of Field before in the SL viewer, so I’m not used to the settings for it in Firestorm, but I am looking forward to taking more shots using this feature.

Grey Havens, Calas Galadhon 

Another thing I have found is that I can save larger size shots to my hard drive now.  I couldn’t save large size pics because I would get stitching lines in the sky and water.  So last night I tried doubling my pic size and it worked beautifully.

My private home

You’re probably all relieved because now I can stop complaining about my system issues!  It’s okay, I’m relieved too! And happy!  Now I can get back to business and start doing what I love most – taking pretty Second Life pictures to share here with you all. :))

One thought on “Back in Business

  1. Benita Bolland

    I’m so happy you had a great deal with your memory upgrade, regardless of your car breaking down and all, sorry for that by the way. One tip for your laptop to run faster is to not let your machine run unwanted processes. Check the processes that are currently running on your machine, and search their names in the internet to know whether they are necessary or otherwise. Make sure to stop them if they are of the latter.


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