One blog just isn’t enough

Ahhh, how nice to leisurely wake up at 10am on a Saturday morning, make some coffee and watch the sunrise over the horizon.  Yep, 10am.  The sun rises and sets whenever we want it to in Second Life.  Not the same as a watching it for real, but it still looks pretty.  

I don’t have much to report here lately.  I thought I would be out and about exploring more in SL now that I can take pictures again, but the weather is too nice here in RL to be sitting at home on the computer.  It’s not officially summer here yet, but all the weekend events and outdoor activities have started and there is something to do almost every day.

I do have another blog though, a RL one, if you are interested.  I started it to have another place to write about my interests outside of SL, but all I have been doing over there is cross posting my Instagram photos and not doing very much writing at all.  Yesterday, I took myself out to lunch and felt inspired so I blogged about it.  Me, a food blogger.  I never would have thought!  

Actually, I’m not quite sure if it will be all about food, but I’m feeling excited about going out to try new foods, and even to cook at home so I can blog it.  I do not enjoy cooking, so to say that I am inspired to actually cook something special and share recipes is a big thing.  Somebody buy me an apron!

So I think on my Tumblr blog I will be blogging about food, family, travels (in the Toronto area) and other randomness.  I’m not quite sure where it will go, but after the blog post I wrote yesterday, I think I’m onto something.  

Check me out if you’re interested:


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