A dark and lush forest known as Isle of Wysteria Lane

I don’t recall where I picked up the landmark for Isle of Wysteria Lane (rated Moderate).  I’m thinking that it must have been at Fantasy Faire 2012 because the lush landscape in this sim looks familiar to me. 

There is a lot to see and do here.  It could keep you busy for hours.  I normally am not really into taking tours like balloon or pod tours as I prefer to explore “on foot” or to fly.  However, this is one place where I highly recommend taking the dragonfly tour.  You will find a dragonfly to hop on in the landing area.  It’s a pretty cool tour and especially awesome in mouselook.  

I’m kind of a minimalist person, and in this sim there are a lot of things and I get easily overwhelmed.  But the dragonfly tour is a great way to get a view of the area and to also see what is up in the sky, because there is a lot to see.  I took the tour and then went back to the landing spot and used the teleporter to get around.  This worked well for me. 

Once again, I used the recommended region windlight setting.  I really do appreciate this feature as it gives an opportunity to view a build the way the creator intended.  However, my one complaint is that the windlight is not always optimal for photography.  It’s great for general exploring, however I found this one to be quite dark.  In my effort to take photos while changing the environment as little as possible, I found myself quite frustrated when my photos all came out too dark.  This is a shame because you can’t see and fully appreciate the details and textures in the plant life and builds because the scene is too dark.  I finally broke down and tweaked the scene gamma a little bit, and in the photo below, I had to adjust the lighting in post processing.  I’m still not happy with it, but I’m letting that go (my inner perfectionist is screaming!)

Even though I love it, I actually don’t miss playing with windlight settings.  It saves a huge amount of time when I can select ‘region settings’ and in most places (not all) there is complimentary windlight to the builds.

The photos that I am choosing to share here are only just a tiny slice of things to see in Isle of Wysteria Lane.  When you visit, bring a friend and be sure to explore up above.  There are some nice areas to just hang out, dance or have a cuddle with your special someone.  


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