Looking for solitude? Visit T Town in Pixel Dreams

I visited a lovely and peaceful place called T Town last night.  Again, I don’t remember where I got this landmark.  I might have seen a photo on Koinup or Flickr for it, or someone might have passed me the lm for the shop Pixel Mode which is also located on the Pixel Dreams sim.  I had the landmark in my inventory and headed over to check it out. 

When you arrive, there are two teleport doors to choose from.  One is for the Pixel Mode shop and the other is for T Town.  Upon clicking the door, I was landed in a beautiful field of flowers with winding dirt roads running through it.  It was so peaceful that I just wanted to park my av in the wild flowers and bask in the sunset.

But the winding dirt roads looked too inviting to ignore, so off I went.

It’s really quiet here, yet there are signs of life and human activity all around if you look closely.

You will also find pose balls and other interactive objects you can use, either by yourself or to chill out with a friend.

I used the Region Settings for todays photos, but I did tweak the time of day and the scene gamma just a little for some of these shots. Particularly, for the one below because it was way too dark to view the textures and the wild flowers.

I really loved T Town and I’m looking forward to going back again, this time with a friend, to chat while enjoying the quiet peacefulness all around this sim.


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