Dazzlers Inc. Dancers in Second Life

Travelling and exploring Second Life is kind of an addictive activity, and sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to see and take pictures of everything.  I suppose there will never be enough time to see it all, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  

But sometimes it’s good to set down my pixel backpack, relax and enjoy the scenery, attend and event and not look at everything “through the lens”, so to speak.  

Yesterday I got invited to attend a performance by the Dazzler’s Inc dancers, which a friend is a part of.  I was pretty excited to check it out, as I have not attended many dance performances in SL, if any.  I’ve been to many different types of events such as plays, spoken word, particle shows and music events most commonly, but dance performances?  Not really. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I tp’d in, and everything was grey at first.  But once everything rezzed and my music player stopped cutting out, I was quickly drawn into the Dazzler’s performance.  

The costumes and the set designs were really amazing and it was all quite impressive to watch.  I can only imagine how much work went into putting this production together.  

My photos today aren’t the greatest.  I have recently started having some problems with textures fully rezzing, but I went ahead and snapped some shots because I wanted to blog about this.  

I think they may have covered just about every genre of music and dance in the performance!  The set designs were beautiful and the transitions between sets were really smooth.  I personally, didn’t have any problems viewing the performance and there was a pretty good size audience on the sim.  

Yesterday’s performance was part of the DQ Dance Festival, which seems to be over now.  The landmark I had for it is no longer working.  But you can join the inworld Dazzler’s Inc Fan Group for notices of future performances.

This is from the group info:

“This is a group that supports and loves to watch dance and creativity in SL.  We will update the group of our performances and any info of our happenings…Please check our blog for cool stuff about The DAZZLERS Inc. Dancers.”

You can also find more information on the Dazzler’s Inc blog.

It was a fabulous performance and I’m looking forward to attending future Dazzler’s shows. 


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