Mulling over system issues while exploring Lost World

A couple of weeks ago, I started noticing some graphics problems when I logged in to Second Life.  At first it was the sky, skin and clothing textures that didn’t seem to be fully rezzing.  They looked all pixely, like I could see little squares in the textures.  This was occurring when I had my graphics set to mid range, but wasn’t happening when I turned graphics up to high.  I’ve still been exploring and taking pictures and my photos didn’t seem to be too affected by these problems. 


When I turn on Atmospheric Shaders and turn my graphics up to High or Ultra, depth of field still works great, water and reflections have been fine, and my FPS has stayed the same as usual…

I’m not getting any significant lag issues and Ultra settings are not causing me to crash. I always thought that when my Macbook died, it would do so in a dramatic fashion, like slowing down to an FPS of 2 in SL, overheating and exploding or something, or just shutting down and giving me the evil blue screen with that little sad face that says “I’ve had it, I’m done, have a nice life” (because that’s how my last laptop died).

This time, it seems to be dying a slow death.  I’m noticing pixels and odd streaky lines on my screen.  These are most noticeable in the sky, skin and clothing textures and when my graphics are set to mid-range. Now, these graphic defects are starting to show up more frequently and are putting a real damper on things. 

You probably can’t tell from these photos, but I notice pixels, mostly in the clouds and in the water. But like I said, it looks better with graphics set on high or ultra, but it is too slow for general exploring with these settings. 

I’ve tried all the usual things like clean installs and different viewers but the problems are consistent throughout. I am not a tech person at all, so the only thing I can think of is that my graphics card is too old and has had it’s time for graphics intensive programs like Second Life. My Macbook is a late 2008 model which I have had since early 2009. 

Unless a miracle happens, like I win the lottery or a rich relative that I never knew of dies and leaves me a fortune (I know, that’s a terrible thing to say but in my defence, I don’t have any rich relatives anyways), getting a new computer at this time is a luxury that I can’t afford.

It seems that my days of taking photos in Second Life are numbered and I’m totally bummed out by that, among other things.

P.S – Here’s the SLurl for Lost World, the location in my photos. It’s a totally cool place to explore and I feel bad for not giving it the proper attention it deserves in this post. 

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