Svarga: An ode to the simple prim

If you have never been to Svarga, I think you should probably put this destination on your list of places to visit in Second Life. First appearing on the grid in 2006, Svarga was described by Philip Rosedale as coming close to his original vision of Second Life. 

It mysteriously disappeared in 2009, and then two years ago returned to Second Life when Linden Lab purchased it from the owner and creator, Laukosargas Svarog. 

I heard of Svarga before, but only visited it for the first time this week after reading Inara’s very informative blog post about the destination. I was pretty amazed to learn that everything in this sim is made from basic building tools and simple prims, before sculpties and flexi prims. It’s pretty cool.

There is a tour system in place that you will find at the landing point. Hop on the giant bee and tour around while learning about the artificial eco-system.

Svarga is definitely a must see “historical” destination in Second Life and I highly recommend a visit. 


2 thoughts on “Svarga: An ode to the simple prim

  1. Bear Silvershade

    It is an entrancing place, all the more fantastic since it was created in the pre-sculpty era. I recently rewatched that CSI-NY episode that features SL; Svarga is one of the in-world locations they used.


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