Branching out

A funny thing happened to me over the weekend. I went to a birthday party and discovered that one of my friends follows me on Twitter and discovered this blog…and she reads it, still talks to me and still wants to be my friend!!!

Imagine that! :p

It was an interesting little bit of information, and I also found out that my other friend knows of Second Life too and has actually spent some time in the virtual world.

It started me thinking about my blogging journey in these last few years. I almost can’t believe it’s been three years since I started this blog. At that time, I started it as a completely anonymous endeavour and it’s interesting to me that now I don’t feel the need or desire to keep that veil of anonymity. And I don’t mean that as in revealing my real name or details like that, I mean as in sharing about my life, and opening up more. I didn’t start this blog to egotistically publish post after post about me, myself and I. I started it out of a genuine desire to connect with other people. I may not get thousands of page views per month, but I have a steady flow of traffic, and the occasional comments I get from readers remind me why I enjoy blogging so much. For me, it’s all about sharing ideas and making connections.

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging here as often lately. I haven’t felt much inspiration to publish anything related to Second Life. It could be just a slump I’m going through, or maybe it’s more. I don’t know. It’s not that I have no creative inspiration at all, it’s just that I feel like doing creative things outside of Second Life and I don’t think this blog is the right place to share that. So I started another blog that I have been trying to get into the habit of posting on and I think I am finally starting to gain momentum on it. You can find that blog at callmeSheBear. Please follow me if you feel inclined! Just a little note, I change the wordpress theme often since I have not found the “right one” yet. So the blog might look different from time to time. I have been posting some of my Instagram photos, along with fleeting thoughts and quotes that inspire me. I think that blog is heading in the direction of being mainly for my iphone photography, but who knows, I may write some longer pieces if I feel inspired.

When I log on to Second Life and I try to take some pictures, I don’t feel the same joy I used to. It has nothing at all to do with the latest bonehead moves from Linden Lab, Jiras, lag, system issues or anything like that. I don’t know what happened, but lately if feels like Second Life merely placates my need to do something more, creatively speaking. I’ve tried taking pictures inworld and when I look at them afterwards, they feel flat and lifeless to me. Please don’t mistake my words as dismissing anyone else’s work in SL – this is about me and my creative process. I’m interested in learning more about photography outside of SL, having a deeper connection with the world around me and expressing how I see and experience it.

I’m not saying this is the end of SLifeFantastic! There’s still so many amazing and beautiful things to see in Second Life and opportunities for creative expression. I just don’t know what the future holds for me in that regard. 

I guess what I am saying is that I’m branching out to try other things and to explore new territories. So if you’re wondering what’s up when things are quiet around here, know that I am most likely out seeing my city with new eyes, snapping pictures, and trying out new ways of expressing my creative vision.

2 thoughts on “Branching out

  1. Bear Silvershade

    "Art is an outer expression of inner growth…it is a living thing which depends on full participation" -Edward WestonAn thought-provoking post, Carrie. Kudos to you. Keep growing.I can relate to some of what you are feeling, though in the reverse. For me, I was feeling ennui with my creative work in the real world, but working in SL and all the creative people, yourself, Crap and many others I have met/interacted with, has reinvigorated my interest. But I have a long way to go; I feel I am just at the start of my journey – I’ve even started setting up a SL photo blog, as you suggested. Never been much of a blogger, so I am not quite ready to share that yet, we’ll see how it goes.

  2. Carrie Lexington

    Thank you Bear! I was worried that this post might come across the wrong way and I thought long and hard about how to express what I was feeling. I didn't want to sound dismissive of other peoples work in SL. I still do enjoy and get inspired from all the creative people I have had the opportunity to get to know through their blogs and on Twitter- Crap, Chestnut, Whiskey, you and others…it's just that I feel my own creative output in SL is lacking. But things in life run in spirals I think, and although I may be feeling flat about SL right now, I might feel excited about it again in the future.Thanks for that great quote, love it, and I'm looking forward to seeing your photo blog. Your black and white photos are beautiful.


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