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So close, yet so far away

gulf of lune

In the so-called “real world”, I am not a very affectionate type of person. No, wait, that’s not true. What I meant to say is that I am an affectionate type of person, with my family and close friends. What I really mean to say is that I don’t dish out hugs all day, every day other than to my family. I’m pretty much the same way in Second Life. I give or send virtual hugs to people I am fond of and feel close to, and that’s not a whole lot. Blame it on my introverted nature, but if you have managed to find a way past my closely guarded firewall, I will shower you with love and virtual hugs like they’re going out of style.

In the virtual world and our social media associated with it, I see avatars dishing out emoticons filled with affection and virtual hugs all the time. I see cute little hugging smiley faces, I see hearts, kisses, and in-world you can’t go to any event without being bombarded by gestures filled with love and affection for the performer on stage.

Look, I’m not saying that I have anything against this. I too enjoy showing and receiving affection, in my introverted way of course, when I feel it’s appropriate. So please don’t take this to mean that I never want a virtual hug from anyone ever again.

I love and cherish the friends and people I have gotten to know in Second Life, through blogging and social media. It’s incredibly cool that I have met people who I consider to be my friends or kindred spirits, and they live thousands of miles away from me. I love that about Second Life and I love to give and receive cyberspace hugs from said friends.

What I don’t love is the distance. I curse every single mile between us. On a bad day, a virtual hug from a far away friend is enough to lift my spirits. But sadly, there are other days when it doesn’t even come close to satisfying the need to feel the warmth of a real hug or a pat on the back from a friend offering you comfort.

Today is one of those days where a virtual hug doesn’t satisfy. I wish it was enough to make up for the miles between us, but it just isn’t.


Dark and Dangerous Medieval Roleplay in the Kingdom of Taure Ru

I think it is safe to assume that any traveller always appreciates information that is straight up, helpful and doesn’t beat around the bush. So, when I landed in the welcome area for the Kingdom of Taure Ru and was immediately advised that “by entering our realm in character, you are giving consent to be considered a full participant in any RP taking place.  This means that you may be shot, captured, and/or killed.” 

Kingdom or Taure Ru

Kingdom or Taure Ru

Okay then. (gulp)

Fortunately, for visitors there is a visitors tag at the top of the notecard you receive that you can and should wear to keep you safe in your travels, and coming out alive.

Rocky shores

Rocky shores

Like any seasoned world traveller, I always try to be respectful of the culture and customs of the lands that I visit. I do my best to make like a wallflower (I know, like that’s a real big stretch for me) and blend in with the scenery. So I was happy to find that you can pick up a box of free medieval outfits so you can be one with the environment. But being the virtual world nomad that I am, I already had a few pieces of medieval attire in my inventory to choose from. I picked up the free clothing anyways because in Second Life, who doesn’t need a good selection of medieval period pieces in their wardrobe?

Island of Shadows

Island of Shadows

I must admit that I almost immediately got lost upon entering the darkness. The lands are vast and looking on the world map, it seems that Taure Ru is only one of several similarly themed roleplay sims. There are sim border crossings that are clearly marked for you, and I managed to pass through them without any problems or crashes.

old house

I am not sure if these “kingdoms” are alliances with each other, enemies or maybe a collection of both. From what I saw, the lands are indeed dark, mysterious, ominous and eerily beautiful. I wasn’t able to find any concrete information online about this roleplay community. If anyone knows, let me know!



This region is rated Moderate and on the notecard I received, it clearly states that the roleplay is adult oriented and you must be 18 years of age to participate. I don’t know the details of what “adult oriented” means, but if you have “baby eyes and ears” then maybe it is better for you to avoid a visit here. I suppose it means anything that falls under the Moderate rating. I didn’t see any thing offensive, but then I was too busy being lost and trying to find my way through the deep, dark, forests.

Lost Shadows

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or Game of Thrones, then a roleplay community such as this one might appeal to you.

For those of you who are really adventurous explorers, there are underground cities, mazes and some pretty impressive castles to enjoy.

And if you happen to get lost like me, don’t panic. Just remember, getting lost is sometimes part of the journey, if not the best part of the journey itself.



Visit the Kingdom of Taure Ru, dark roleplay sims in Second Life

(click the link and drag into your Second Life viewer to open the landmark)

There’s this itch that I need to scratch

I try my best to be a good Second Life citizen. I never cause drama, I keep my avatar script count low, and I have long since banished those God awful face lights from my personal use. But in the interest of social responsibility, it’s time for me to fess up about something…

…I have an incurable case of Traveller’s Itch.

There, I said it. What a relief.

I’m not exactly sure where I caught this terrible virus. I’ve been around SL for awhile and I’ve been to town and back a few times and who knows what kind of shady souls whose pixels I got myself caught up with. I’m a lady and I never kiss and tell. Back in those days, I was a young, adventurous and carefree avatar with no concern for consequences. I’m older now and I have seen the error of my ways.

Shameful as it is, I tried to keep my condition under wraps by ending my old blog, and isolating myself to my parcel on Piper Point. This worked for a while, but the itch is uncontrollable and tends to spread if you sit still for too long. You can scratch it but it only gets worse and the ointments only mask the symptoms. The only cure for Traveller’s Itch is to well, travel.

So for that, I must pack up my pixel bags and start exploring Second Life again. It’s a tough fate, being an eternal explorer, but I made my bed and now I must lay in it. Consider it my penance and contribution to our Second Life community, to show you cool and interesting places to explore. It is also my moral imperative to make sure you travel safely and get all the necessary vaccinations to prevent you from catching this highly contagious and extremely annoying condition.

As for me, I warn you, if we happen to cross paths in our travels, don’t get too close, and for God’s sake, DON’T KISS ME! There is one exception – if you are not afraid of living a SLife like mine, with constantly itchy pixel feet, endless travels, merciless searching and a feeling of eternal restlessness – then by all means, get a little closer! I could use the company.

The choice is yours, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Don’t let the rain stop you

When one is trying to breathe fresh air into their stale, old SLife, it is important to keep all options for variety open. Therefore, I reactivated my Plurk account, and finally logged in my Facebook account for the first time in ages. By the way, add me if you to your social networks, if you like. I’m even thinking about using Google+ more, that is of course other than blindly sharing new blog posts over there. I confess, my relationship with social media is rather one-sided and I feel a little bad for that. That’s not very social of me at all, but in my defence, there is not enough time in the day to keep up.

Anyway, I was lurking around my social media accounts yesterday and read a Plurk by Whiskey Monday mentioning a new sim to explore. I was right on it and tp’d over this morning to check it out.

2304 Rain-1

“2304 Rain” is a new sim created by Squonk Levenque, who is also the creator of Treptower Park. I happened to run into Squonk this morning while I was taking pics and had the opportunity to chat a little. It’s always nice to get a chance to talk to the creators and express your appreciation.

Rain 2304-2

As you can see, it’s very wet and rainy. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. It’s worth it to trudge through the heavy rain and if you persist, you will find a calm and peaceful refuge to dry off a little.

2304 Rain-3

I decided to share just three photos today because you really should go see this place for yourself. It’s ripe with photo opportunities and there are many interesting sights to see. And don’t forget to tell all your friends about it!

You can pick up a free umbrella at the landing spot, but don’t forget to bring your own rubber boots. Enjoy!

Visit 2304 Rain in Second Life

“Alts are creepy and suspicious” is a cruel Second Life stereotype

In Second Life, it is not uncommon for users to create alts. Alts are created for many reasons. Perhaps they’re main avatar is far too popular with the Second Life elite and their owner needs a loner alt to log in for some peace and quiet. Some people create alts for role-playing, others create alts strictly for store models, or mannequins to be part of an art exhibit, or something arty like that.

There are other more shady reasons for creating alts like for griefing, spying, or worse, for cheating on your SL lover for whom just the other week you publicly proclaimed in your profile was the love of your SLife.

And then of course there are those grumpy and jaded old avatars who create alts because they are trying to get back the glory days of being a young and adventurous avatar in Second Life. Newsflash: this never works. Trust me, I tried it. A few times. Still grumpy, disdainful and growing ever more cynical with each rez day that passes…

Grumpy, disdainful avatar

Grumpy, disdainful avatar

But I’m not here to tell you that I have an alt and a new Second Life identity. I’m still Carrie. I have been looking for a way to breath some fresh air into my SLife and starting a new avatar may work for some, but for me I suppose my equivalent to that is starting a new blog, or rather a continuation of my old blog.

I know, I know. All five of you who have been following SLifeFantastic! over the years are probably all like “What the fuck?! Not again?!”.   (I’ve announced a few different url’s for my RL blog over there). I don’t blame you. But rest assured, I am not ending my blog, I’m simply renaming it, importing all my old posts from Blogger and continuing on with blogging about my oh so fantastic SLife (sarcasm intended) here on WordPress.

Blogger has it’s good points, however the problems I have had over the years with html and some other small but annoying things have gotten to me. I like WordPress so much better.

Anyway, long story short, please update your blog readers and blogrolls with this new url:

I’m excited about my new “alt blog” and I hope you are too. I feel likes it’s breathing fresh air into my SLife already!

Don’t worry, I’m not creepy and there’s no need to be suspicious. This “alt” is not here to hide, grief, spy or cheat on you in any way at all. Rest assured, I will continue to be the same old Second Life Nobody I have always been.

Yours truly,

Carrie Lexington

Everybody needs a friend

I’m not sure about the logistics of keeping two separate blogs, both of them being personal ones. It’s funny because I have this compulsion to write, hence the two active blogs, yet I also have this strange fear of running out of words to say. I suppose that as long as I still enjoy SL

I will always have something to say about it, yes?

Now that I have moved back into my SL home, I have no idea what to blog about. My SLife is pretty boring. Well, I shouldn’t say it is boring. I enjoy it, but how often do you want to read about me chatting with my friends about current events, favourite books, movies and sharing links to youtube videos? If you were to drop by my place, you would most often find me hanging out with a friend doing just that.

On the occasions when I do leave my parcel, it is to go to a Max Kleene performance or a few favourite spots on the grid. I can do almost all of my shopping on the Marketplace. I’m a virtual world homebody. I like my routine. Nothing to crow about at all.

But hey that’s okay. Peace and quiet with my dearest friends are welcome in my world any time.

My virtual life may not be filled with social events or big excitement, but I think what I have is better. It turns out that I happened to find exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for, and I can’t say that I have any complaints about that.

Going on four years, and counting

Out of the blue…

I surprised myself this week when I logged in Second Life and spent more than a few minutes standing around, wondering what to do with my pixel self. Lately, I either log out a few minutes later, or get to doing something else in my web browser and completely forget that I was even logged in. Or, I don’t bother coming around at all. But this week, I logged in and actually like changed my av’s clothes, bought her some new things and left the safety of my lag free sky platform.

Motivation to spend more time in-world knocked on my door when my long time friend Chuk, asked me to help him with a makeover. It was great fun searching out items for his new and improved look which has inspired me to not only makeover myself, but my virtual world home too. FYI, Belleza still has the best male skins in SL, in my opinion.

I almost forgot about how easy it is to lose track of time when you’re immersed in the virtual world. This week I got a big reminder of that and today I am fighting off yawns in the office. Side note, I say immersed but I don’t expect that I will ever experience that in the same way as I did
when I was a young avatar with Second Life wanderlust. Those were the good old

This month marks four years for Carrie in Second Life. In internet years, which is just like dog years, that’s ages. So by that logic, I’m a SL oldbie. Don’t be fooled by my youthful appearance. It’s all smoke and pixels.

Another thing that is old is my graphics card. I can no longer take pictures (that meet my unreasonably high standards) of places to explore and share here. But I also can’t think of one good reason for me to not dust off this blog once in awhile and share some thoughts about virtual living. Can you?

After four years of an immersive and sometimes intense virtual life, I have come to realize that it is necessary to step back and take a nice long breather sometimes. The great part about this is coming back for a visit every now and again to catch up with friends and “family” who will always welcome me, as long as they are around. It’s just like going home.

 Home in Piper Point