Dark and Dangerous Medieval Roleplay in the Kingdom of Taure Ru

I think it is safe to assume that any traveller always appreciates information that is straight up, helpful and doesn’t beat around the bush. So, when I landed in the welcome area for the Kingdom of Taure Ru and was immediately advised that “by entering our realm in character, you are giving consent to be considered a full participant in any RP taking place.  This means that you may be shot, captured, and/or killed.” 

Kingdom or Taure Ru

Kingdom or Taure Ru

Okay then. (gulp)

Fortunately, for visitors there is a visitors tag at the top of the notecard you receive that you can and should wear to keep you safe in your travels, and coming out alive.

Rocky shores

Rocky shores

Like any seasoned world traveller, I always try to be respectful of the culture and customs of the lands that I visit. I do my best to make like a wallflower (I know, like that’s a real big stretch for me) and blend in with the scenery. So I was happy to find that you can pick up a box of free medieval outfits so you can be one with the environment. But being the virtual world nomad that I am, I already had a few pieces of medieval attire in my inventory to choose from. I picked up the free clothing anyways because in Second Life, who doesn’t need a good selection of medieval period pieces in their wardrobe?

Island of Shadows

Island of Shadows

I must admit that I almost immediately got lost upon entering the darkness. The lands are vast and looking on the world map, it seems that Taure Ru is only one of several similarly themed roleplay sims. There are sim border crossings that are clearly marked for you, and I managed to pass through them without any problems or crashes.

old house

I am not sure if these “kingdoms” are alliances with each other, enemies or maybe a collection of both. From what I saw, the lands are indeed dark, mysterious, ominous and eerily beautiful. I wasn’t able to find any concrete information online about this roleplay community. If anyone knows, let me know!



This region is rated Moderate and on the notecard I received, it clearly states that the roleplay is adult oriented and you must be 18 years of age to participate. I don’t know the details of what “adult oriented” means, but if you have “baby eyes and ears” then maybe it is better for you to avoid a visit here. I suppose it means anything that falls under the Moderate rating. I didn’t see any thing offensive, but then I was too busy being lost and trying to find my way through the deep, dark, forests.

Lost Shadows

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or Game of Thrones, then a roleplay community such as this one might appeal to you.

For those of you who are really adventurous explorers, there are underground cities, mazes and some pretty impressive castles to enjoy.

And if you happen to get lost like me, don’t panic. Just remember, getting lost is sometimes part of the journey, if not the best part of the journey itself.



Visit the Kingdom of Taure Ru, dark roleplay sims in Second Life

(click the link and drag into your Second Life viewer to open the landmark)

2 thoughts on “Dark and Dangerous Medieval Roleplay in the Kingdom of Taure Ru

  1. riverpearl

    I believe this is the dark sim connected to a light roleplay sim that I visited last weekend and posted about today. They seem to have an annual Faire and I landed in that less-scary entry point. It’s quite beautiful and I didn’t even have time to look at half of it. And I made sure to wear a visitors tag, although everyone I met was friendly.

    From what I’ve seen, they might be one of the more stable Medieval/Fantasy roleplay communities.

    1. Carrie Lexington Post author

      Hi River. I also got the impression that this a role play region that has been around for awhile. I was surprised at how many sims there were in the area and they all seemed to be connected in their role play in some way.

      I have never played any role play games in SL, but I always enjoy visiting these communities because their builds are among the best I have seen in SL.


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