Isle of Dee and commitment issues in Second Life

It’s a good thing that I have a leisurely SLife with few commitments. Wait, I meant no commitments, because it takes me days to fully explore one place and take pictures. Really, it does.

Not continuous days, obviously. But between logging in, searching for places to explore on Flickr, and Koinup, clearing group notices, answering an i.m here and there, getting side tracked by a live music event, friends in need of something and oh yeah, my life…before I know it, it’s been three days since I first tp’d to the spot that I wanted to explore and take pictures of.

Isle of Dee 1

I finally found some time today to thoroughly explore another very cool role play sim that I found via Facebook. (add me if you want!)

Isle of Dee 2

Isle of Dee is another medieval role play sim that is quite impressive to explore. The role play takes place in the Tudor era, somewhere between 1500 and 1600AD. Legend has it that the Isle of Dee is said to be located somewhere in the Celtic Sea, but its exact location is a mystery.

I did not cross paths with many inhabitants in this mystical place, but I did learn of legends of human inhabitants and mystical creatures alike who call this isle home.

Isle of Dee 3

When you arrive, you will need a few moments to let everything rez and make your way to the role play entry area. Of course, I put on my medieval peasant dress first, picked up the visitors tag and lifebuoy and entered the door. I was wondering what the lifebuoy was for.

I was pretty impressed with the entry to the role play area. You arrive on the isle by shipwreck which you will be informed of in local chat. I think it was probably the most interesting way to be welcomed to a roleplay sim. It was pretty cool and the story was very inviting to jump in and role play your character.

Isle of Dee 4

I took some of these pics using the region windlight settings, but I can never leave things alone and decided to play around with some of my own settings for these photos.

Isle of Dee 5

There wasn’t too much activity occurring on the sim, but I was told by one of the role players that Isle of Dee was mostly active during European hours. I was also told that they would love to have more North American players get involved in the ongoing story of Dee, so spread the word!

Another thing that I thought was pretty cool was that as you are walking through the sim, you are given random notecards with prompts for story lines for your character. One notecard I received, which was called a RP blessing said:

“Your character got something into their eye.

Symptoms are: character can’t open that eye, it hurts and the eye is tearing over – help is required”

Isle of Dee 6

I thought that was kind of neat and another very inviting little touch to get players into the mood of the role play. Even for an eternal explorer like me, it was quite encouraging and almost made me want to put down my travel bags and jump in on the action and make Isle of Dee my home…almost.

But I’m a heart breaker and given my time constraints, itchy feet and eternal restlessness, I must leave the role play up to those who have far less commitment issues than I do, and continue on with my travels. Believe me, things are much better for everyone this way. No one gets hurt and everyone gets to have their fun. 😉

Visit Isle of Dee (moderate) in Second Life.

Check out the Isle of Dee website for further information.

3 thoughts on “Isle of Dee and commitment issues in Second Life

  1. Runa The Wild Elf

    Really enjoyed reading this and seeing the Isle of Dee (my home!) through your eyes. Consider an Art Exhibition in our Gallery? Of course, if time and commitment allows 🙂

  2. Carrie Lexington Post author

    Hi Runa! Art Exhibition in your Gallery?! I would love to do that! You can email me at: carrielexington at if you want to talk details. Thanks! 🙂


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