Ballet Pixelle and first impressions of Second Life from a dry witted ten year old

So last night I attended a very prestigious event in Second Life, an original production of “En Passant” by the Second Life Dance Company, Ballet Pixelle. I was pretty excited for this event as I have never been to a ballet in Second Life, or in First Life for that matter.

I think I almost felt that little flutter of excitement from my days as a noob as I was sitting and flipping through the handy little Playbill HUD waiting for the show to begin.

As you may already know, my family is almost always around when I am logged in SL. At this point, they rarely stop to look at what I am doing when I am logged in because SL is just “something that Mom does.” But this time my ten-year old daughter glanced over my shoulder and took a look at the dance stage being rendered on my screen. When I told her that I was waiting for a ballet production to begin, she pulled up a chair beside me and sat down to watch.

Ballet Pixelle

The production did not disappoint and it was delightful to watch. My apologies for the poor quality of my photos here. I had my graphics set to low , so some of the textures are blurry in my pics. They definitely do not do “En Passant” or the Ballet Pixelle justice. You simply will have to go see this for yourself. The next performance takes place on Wednesday, March 6th at 2pm SLT and again on Sunday, March 10th at 5pm SLT. The show runs on those days and times through the end of March, I believe. You can find more info about En Passant here.

Ballet Pixelle_003

My daughter watched all three acts of the ballet with me and I explained to her about the production, the avatars from all over the world, and the special and unique animations for the dances. We smiled and marvelled at the music, costumes, stage set and the very precise ballet animations that each dancer was using. At the end I commented “Pretty cool huh?”. She responded “Yeah, pretty cool…and kinda weird”, with gleaming and curious eyes glued to the screen.

Heh. I find that funny because a little over four years ago when I first started out in Second Life, “pretty cool and kinda weird” were my first impressions too. And look how far that took me…

Ballet Pixelle_005

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