The Magic of Oz and the frustration of mesh

Last night I visited an adorable little sim called the Magic of Oz. The sim is composed of all mesh objects and is also the Second Life home to the soon to be released Strangelings breedable pets game for iOS and Web. It’s a great place to explore and take pictures and definitely worth a visit.

Magic of Oz-Dorothy's house

Now, I love me some mesh, I really do. Some of the most impressive and beautiful places I have visited in Second Life have been mainly made up of mesh objects. It seems like it’s been ages since I have worn sculpted clothing pieces and my sculpted hair is gradually getting pulled out of my inventory less and less. I even deleted a ton of old clothing I never wear anymore because compared to the more realistic mesh clothing, I grab the mesh pieces first. Now that I have got over having to change my avatar shape to fit mesh clothing, I love it!

But…sometimes I also hate it too and it’s not about fitting my avatar shape to mesh clothing.

Magic of Oz-Yellow brick road

I don’t often think of this, but as I was skipping down the yellow brick road, my thoughts turned to “will I ever be able to create objects that stand up to stuff like this?”  As more creators turn to mesh, are the days of creating entirely within Second Life using simple prims gone? I have never considered myself a builder, but I have dabbled with prims before to make simple objects for myself. I have also had some success with sculpted prim builders packages to piece together my own little works of “art” and even creating my own objects in Blender and importing them to Second Life. My building skills are not extremely basic, I would say they are moderate so I should be able to make something nice, right? But when it comes to mesh, I look around at all these fabulous and realistic looking buildings, trees, clothing, etc…and I feel incredibly discouraged and I think “why bother?”

Magic of Oz-Witches Castle

Now to be fair, I have not dabbled in building anything in a long time, so maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. I have not looked that deeply into mesh creation because honestly, it just seems out of reach for someone like me, who has moderate building skills and not a lot of time and not to mention the blood, sweat and tears to devote to learning mesh. One of the things I loved about Second Life when I first started was that creating something beautiful inworld seemed completely attainable for most everyone who wanted to pursue that.

Magic of Oz-Staircase

From where I stand, it seems that the gap between the creators/artists and consumers of Second Life has widened considerably since the introduction of mesh. The odds of someone like me making it across the gap and into that Emerald City of Second Life artists and creators are about as likely as me creating a work of art in the real world and having an exhibition at the national art gallery.

Yeah, when pigs grow mesh wings and fly.

Magic of Oz-Emerald City

Visit the Magic of Oz in Second Life


9 thoughts on “The Magic of Oz and the frustration of mesh

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  2. Whispers Magic

    I totally agree! I look at the simple things I used to make for me around my house and know I just don’t have what it takes to learn mesh.

  3. Sunbeam Magic

    Totally agree with this post, i didn’t even want to do the sculpty thingee when it first came out in SL. I love the challenge of pure prim builds and also felt the attainable confidence to keep building and having fun! and believe me I am no artist either! Mesh mess! I for one won’t be trying to learn it no matter how much the youngins’ say it’s ‘so easy’ lol

  4. Zippora Zabelin

    I feel exactly the same. I used to love building my own (prim) houses, but don’t do it anymore because items that are for sale look much better. I don’t have the time or motivation to learn mesh. I’ve found a compromise in buying beautiful things and focus on the landscaping/decorating with those.

    1. Carrie Lexington Post author

      In January I came back from a vacation determined to recreate in SL the tropical home we stayed in. I started it, but the basic prims looked so…well, primitive compared to the new mesh houses that are available. I ended up picking up all my prims and half finished house and getting a mesh cottage. It’s beautiful and I love it, but I would love to recreate the tropical home in SL.

      Focusing on landscaping and terraforming is a great suggestion. I will do that! Thanks. 🙂


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