I never thought I would ever be a worm farmer

A few days ago I read on New World Notes about this in-world worm farm game called Farm Frenzy. Basically, you are growing and selling worms to players of another in-world game called Fish Hunt – they need worms to catch their fish, obviously. Apparently, you can make $L’s from this game and/or cash them out as real world money. It seems like it could be fun and hell, it gives me something to do.

I wish I could give a glowing and informative review of this game, but I only just started my worm farm a couple of days ago and I’m still getting to know how it all works. Tonight I harvested my first batch of worms and my next step is figuring out how to sell them.


Is it just me or do these worm farms look like graves? I have a creepy and sick sense of humour sometimes, so I added a couple of things to put my personal stamp on my little farm of worms:

worm farm-R.I.P

I have a feeling that my worms are going to catch the biggest and best fish and be in very high demand. I’m going to be SL rich! If anyone happens to ask what my secret is to growing the best and juiciest fishing worms on the grid, let’s just say it’s good old TLC, and keep the creepy truth between you and me.

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