Second Life, I love you, I love you not

I had an awesome time in SL last night. I’m still grinning from ear to ear about it. It was really nothing special or out of the ordinary at all. I went to a couple of live music events with a friend and had a fab time chatting and enjoying some really great tunes.

While we were listening to Max Kleene perform, someone i.m’d me to let me know that they thought I had a lovely profile. They particularly liked my rl bio which reads “On again, off again with SL for four years and counting”. And that’s exactly true. There are many times that I feel a little inadequate in SL because I don’t create profound works of art, have my own art gallery, art shows, or other projects that keep me busy. I think maybe my lack of focus in SL is responsible for my “off again” feelings that come and go every now and then. Of course, it could also be lag, technical glitches and my aging Macbook.

/me shrugs

But when SL and I are “on again”, everything is blissful and perfect and it doesn’t matter that I don’t have any special projects or particular purpose that makes me feel important. Hanging out with dear friends and watching our avatars dance together on my screen feels like more than enough to keep me going in SL for another four years.

(And now, a pretty picture that has nothing to do with this post because I was having too much fun to remember to take a pic of dancing avatars.)

Photo taken at Roche, Second Life.

Photo taken at Roche, Second Life.


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