RL boredom = SL fun

So ten days ago I checked into the hospital for scheduled orthopaedic surgery. As is to be expected with any kind of surgery where they crack and re-align your bones, recovery is slow and I am stuck at home for the next five weeks and off work for three months. My recovery is going well, better than expected. I’m surprised that I’m not in too much pain. There is however lots of swelling and pins and needles sensations which is much more annoying than it is painful.

Another thing that I have a lot of is TIME. Oh boy do I have a lot of it. We don’t have cable or satellite television for lifestyle reasons, but after ten days at home, I am looking into it. I’ve read a ton of books already and now I am starting on my daughter’s adolescent fiction collection. By the way, I just finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry which is an interesting book that I enjoyed. Who cares that is meant for adolescents. Look it up. Also, I think I have already watched everything on Netflix which really kind of sucks in my current situation.

Anyway, I’m turning to Second Life to keep myself busy and hopefully doing some creative things. I can’t sit too long at my computer desk without getting that annoying pins and needles sensation, so I’m trying different sitting arrangements with my laptop that are more comfortable for me. So far, sitting on my bed feels best because I can change positions often. No one can argue with me about spending all day in my bed, ha!

This is getting long…

My news that I wanted to share is that I am opening a small gallery space for my SL photos. I just got it today and I am so excited! I have never had my own space before and I’m really looking forward to going through my photo collection and choosing which ones to display. I’m also excited about making new images.

My gallery space is nothing fancy, just three walls, but they are all mine and I get to be part of an amazing community of artists at Timamoon Arts. I love it. I will post all the details here as soon as it’s ready.

Today was a good day. After ten days of being bored stiff, I think these next several weeks of recovery at home are gonna be filled with SL fun!

A blank canvas...my gallery space at Timamoon Arts

A blank canvas…my gallery space at Timamoon Arts

4 thoughts on “RL boredom = SL fun

    1. Carrie Lexington Post author

      Thanks Bear! I remember you told me about Timamoon ages ago. I found the link in your profile and went to check it out today. I wasn’t looking for my own space but when I saw they had one available, I felt a little nudge to take it. So I did!


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