Photography in Second Life and my new gallery space!

Carrie's Timamoon Gallery Collage

I think photography in Second Life has improved so much in the last couple of years, at least in my experience. I’m on an almost five year old laptop and it dawned on me today that I crash way less now than I did four years ago when I first started out here. I don’t know how or why I ever stuck around so long with so much technical problems. I’m not saying things are perfect now, but I definitely see that things have improved since I have been around these parts.

Windlight and now the option of different clouds has opened up whole new opportunities for SL photographers. Water looks more realistic than ever, even on my old clunker of a computer, and mesh items add new shape and realism to the props to play with for photo sets. Features such as the Phototools in the Firestorm viewer add a whole new world of choices for photographers to tell stories through their images. And finally, that horrible tiling bug that has haunted us for so long has finally been resolved.

I have been enjoying my time playing with these tools to create some new images (pictured in this post) which are now on display at the Timamoon Arts Community. This is a great place and there is something to see for everyone. I only just got my little gallery space set up, but so far I have felt warmly welcomed by the community.

My gallery space at Timamoon Arts Community

My gallery space at Timamoon Arts Community

This is my first time setting up a space to display my images for sale, and I enjoyed the process so much that I think I might pursue this in other art spaces as well so I can create more! I have no idea what the etiquette is in the SL art world for getting gallery space but there is no harm in approaching those who know to find out, right? When I first thought of this I had some doubts and insecurities about myself, but what the hell! I won’t know unless I pursue this and ask.

After all, I hear that Second Life is a place where you can make all those crazy artsy phartsy dreams you thought would never happen, really come true.

Visit my gallery space at Timamoon Arts Community


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