Avatar self-portraits in landscapes

Botgirl wrote an interesting blog post last week about the popularity of “avatar selfies” on Flickr. This trend stands out more now with the new Flickr interface which has long been a popular photo sharing site with Second Life users. I noticed all the avatar self-portraits too and it caused me to reflect on my own photos and the lack of my avatar face in my photostream.

I create a lot of images in Second Life however my avatar rarely makes an appearance in my photos. My RL photos are the same but this is easily explained because I am always behind the camera. I don’t have this same excuse in Second Life. My subject matter for my photos are mainly landscapes and silhouettes. I’m in love with my avatar too. I love shopping for her and dressing her up, so I find it interesting that I don’t take more photos where she is the star.

So this weekend, I logged in SL with the intention to create an avatar self portrait that I liked. This is what I ended up with (click the pic to view a larger version because it looks better!):

Alone with my thoughts

Alone with my thoughts


Those of you who know me will know that I like bears.

I don’t even think you can really call this a self portrait, but to me it is. Perhaps my image is indicative of my view of the world and my place in it. I’m just a small but important part of the landscape and all the other elements are arranged around me to tell my story.

I think I might give myself a little project and explore this a little more. We’ll see what other kind of “self portraits” I can come up with. I’ll be sharing my photos on my Flickr stream in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “Avatar self-portraits in landscapes

  1. Botgirl Questi

    Very interesting! I wonder how what percentage of Second Life flickr streams are focused more on Virtual Self than on Virtual World. My perception was totally subjective based on the people in my contact list. Which is driven by people who reach out and make me a contact. Since I’m more focused on the avatar versus the world, it probably skews my view. I love that your self portrait didn’t include your avatar!

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