About Me

Carrie Lexington. Second Life resident. Virtual world nobody since 2009.

My Second Life profile.

I like to blog about cool places to explore in Second Life, and other totally unrelated things, because I’m like that. I enjoy taking landscape photos however my Macbook is older than I am, so it is fussy. I do the best that I can with this aging relic.

My old blog was SLifeFantastic!  over at Blogger. After four years in Second Life, I decided that I needed a change and a fresh start, so I migrated all my old posts to WordPress and changed my blog name. Some people create new alts and entire new Second Life identities, I create new “alt blogs” but keep my same old avatar. It makes sense to me.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yordie

    Hi Carrie… I’ve been enjoying your blog this morning. I completely understand the need for a fresh start. I’m quietly looking for new inspirations. Kind regards, Yordie
    ps: added your blog to my Personal Blogs list.


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