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SL10B Preview: A Behemoth of an idea

The Behemoth Entrance, SL10B Wonderous

The Behemoth Entrance, SL10B Wonderous

On the corner of Beach and East 6th St in the SL10B Wonderous sim, something BIG is looming. You will notice the large green figure which stands South-East and not far from the SL10B Wonderous Welcome Area. If you are like me, your curiosity will take you right to the foot of this monstrous green figure.

Be sure to read the welcome sign and take a look at the sketches by the Behemoth creator, Loki Elliot, which led to its creation here in Second Life. There is a free HUD available that you should wear in order to fully experience this build.

The Behemoth SL10B - 2Once you are wearing the HUD, you will be given some quick and easy instructions before you embark on your journey from the base of the tail to the top of the Behemoth. When you get to the top, if your computer can handle it, turn up your draw distance for a spectacular view of the SL10B Wonderous sim. Along your path, click on the little figures pictured above to continue the story and collect the free gifts.

The story is a somewhat cautionary yet charming tale of a brilliant idea that grew beyond its creators expectations. In fact, it continues to grow to this day, far exceeding what anyone could have possibly imagined. Like any good story, there were challenges and conflicts and still more to come, but the effort to support this Behemoth of an idea turned out to be worth every second of it for those that love it.

I won’t give away any more details because you should go see it for yourself. The Behemoth is a story that all of us who are a part of this little virtual world that could, I think can certainly relate to and be inspired from.

Happy Birthday Second Life. Cheers to ten more wonderful years!

Looking over SL10B Wonderous from the top of the Behemoth

Looking over SL10B Wonderous from the top of the Behemoth

TP the the SL10B Welcome Area in Wonderous

TP directly to The Behemoth build

Please note that these landmarks will not work until tomorrow, June 16th 2013, when the SL10B sims open to the public.


Flickr snobbery

A funny thing happened yesterday. Not too long after I uploaded my image from yesterdays blog post, someone dropped me from Flickr. I don’t ever keep track of such things, but this person not only dropped me but also felt compelled to send me a message explaining why. Sounds nice to provide an explanation, but not really.

I share both SL and RL photos on my Flickr (add me!). I think I have mostly SL people as contacts but since I started sharing my RL pics, I started getting some non-SL people add me. No one has ever complained about my feed until yesterday. Basically, this person who dropped me told me that they weren’t interested in my pictures from a “video game”, that they added me as a contact because they thought I had some “real photos” to share and that’s why they were dropping me. Heh. Whatever.

I barely gave it much thought at all yesterday as you know, I have other things on my mind like my broken foot and my damaged heel ligaments on my other foot to take care of.

Last night I was doing my SL10B Greeter homework and exploring the SL10B sims, you know, so I will know where everything is when the sims open to the public. I have already viewed some photos of the much talked about A’stra Stage at SL10B, but when I went to visit it for myself, I was almost overcome with emotion. It’s just so breathtaking and beautiful and it reminded me of my dear friend and mentor Marjorie who passed away a couple of years ago. She had a special affinity for turtles and I couldn’t help but think of her as I was exploring the stage.

A'stra Stage at SL10B

A’stra Stage at SL10B

I don’t know of many other “video games” out there where you can create such amazing things that evoke such emotion. And I don’t think it’s just me who felt something when walking with their avatar across this turtles back. It was then that my thoughts turned to that snobbish person who dropped me from Flickr because I share pictures of amazing places to see and experience in Second Life. They have no fucking clue what they are missing.